We create opportunities for students
to take action on social good causes.


Since the beginning of human history, education has been the vehicle for generations of people to pass down knowledge and skills. As our children today will inherit this planet from us, we affirm that it is the responsibility of this generation to prepare youth for their future by giving them the tools needed to create a more peaceful and prosperous global society.

Take Action Global was created to inspire change by providing opportunities for students around the world to take action on social good causes through education. Building on more than 60 years of classroom experience empowering students to be curious, ask questions, take action, and make a difference in their communities, we are bringing together like-minded educators seeking a different way of teaching and learning. The team at TAG is committed to creating space for teachers and students to work at local and global levels for the betterment of humanity for today and for tomorrow.

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TAG Founders

Michael Soskil, Sr.
Koen Timmers
Jennifer Williams