In March of 2020, the doors to our new school buildings in the Kakuma Refugee Camp will open! Teachers from around the world will join with us as we look to provide quality education to the children in the camp. In efforts to show the children and local teachers that the world is with them, we hope to line the walls of the camp with postcards from classrooms of the world. We invite you to share your messages and join with us in #Postcards4Kakuma.

Steps to Share your #Postcards4Kakuma

Step 1: Create your class postcards

Option 1: Create handmade postcards using paper and art supplies.
Suggested sizes: 4x6 or 5x7. Handmade postcards should be mailed by January 31, 2020 to #Postcards4Kakuma > Koen Timmers, Runksterkiezel 28, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium.

Option 2: Create digital postcards.
Links or files will be shared in Step 2.

Option 3: Send a traditional postcard.
Share a traditional purchased postcard from your local area with a message to the students in Kakuma. Postcards should be mailed by January 31, 2020 to #Postcards4Kakuma > Koen Timmers Runksterkiezel 28, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium.

Option 4: Type your message of peace and goodwill (Step 2 Google Form),
and we will add it to our official TAG postcards.

Step 2: Complete form:


Step 3: Let’s celebrate!

Watch your email inbox for updates and follow along at @TakeActionEdu on Twitter and Instagram! Postcards will be delivered in late February and early March and will decorate the walls of our new schools in Kakuma. Click HERE to learn more about Project Kakuma and on ways you can continue to take action and support.

We’d love to have you help us spread the word!

Sample tweet and shareable image (click and save):

Let’s send #Postcards4Kakuma messages of peace and goodwill to the children in the Kakuma Refugee Camp! Postcards will decorate the walls of our the new @TakeActionEdu Innovation Schools coming March 2020! More info: #TakeActionEdu #ProjectKakuma #TeachSDGs

Special thanks to Meghna Singh(@schonmeg123), Abhilasha Singh(@AbhilashaTochi), and Melisa Hayes (@hayes_melisa) and their global classrooms of students for helping us to create the first postcards for use as examples.

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In February 2020
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